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Shazam, one of the most well-known applications for the mobile, helps you to discover the songs that are playing on your phone. This program now works for the Windows 8 users. The mobile version of Shazam primarily uses and identifies the specific songs and plays them even when you're on the move. This works well for Windows 8, and you can even use it to get more information on the music you're playing.

Buy Tracks and Watch Music Videos

With this program, you can buy songs and watch concerts and videos from Youtube. You can also read album reviews and learn the lyrics to the songs. The review can help you to decide if it's worth spending money on the album or leaving it as is. You can also look over the biographies of artists on Shazam and do it with ease.

The Social Element on Shazam

This social element of Shazam works quite well, and it has been designed well to help you make use out of the touchscreen. To identify the songs, you might click a button on the interface, which is a fairly convenient function. You might not always get a match with some of the less well known songs and the artists. With the more mainstream music, you will usually have access to the song information, and Shazam will have an app that is more worthwhile. It adds up to the Windows 8 Modern UI.

Want to Know the Artist Performing the Song?

With the program, you show the person performing the song, and you will also know the name of the song. This works for both the iOS and the Android, and you will be highly aware of the features and the simplicity of it. This program will work for both the Windows 10 and Windows 8. The features let you access your songs fast, and you will rejoice in knowing how it works almost the same way. All you have to do is touch the logo of Shazam, and you will immediately start to listen to your song.

Shazam Will Be Functional for Windows 10 for How Long?

You can use this program until it becomes incompatible with your version of Windows. Unfortunately, we're on the last version of Shazam, so you won't receive support for it. Basically, you have better programs out there than this. You can find some out there that still have support. You can use Shazam for either Windows 10 or Windows 8. The search feature has a mobile version of Youtube, but when you're on a laptop, it seems out of place. The cool thing about this software is how you can find any song within a short period of time.


  • You have quick access to all your most favorite songs.
  • Get firsthand knowledge of your favorite music artists.
  • You can buy the album or song.


  • If you're using a laptop, you're still technically on the mobile version of the app.

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